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What headsets are supported by SpringboardVR's education solution?

We support HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality HMDs*, and Oculus Rift.*

*must be running SteamVR content

What does SpringboardVR's solution for education include?

SpringboardVR for education includes the following components:

  1. Content Marketplace: A VR app store where educators can easily find relevant educational content. Once they find a title they would like to offer their students they can easily download, deploy and commercially license it through SpringboardVR.
  2. Content Lesson Guides: Content Lesson Guides are PDFs that empower teachers with a framework to help incorporate VR seamlessly into the lesson plan. Content lesson guides are prepared by a licensed teacher to help educators achieve their curriculum objectives.
  3. VR Content Launcher: SpringboardVR's intuitive Content Launcher empowers students to launch and switch between content without assistance. By locking down your PCs with our Launcher, you can restrict each student to the content you’ve selected and prevent students from accessing settings and/or non-relevant programs during their session.
  4. Device & Time Management: A web portal that allows administrators to manage multiple VR PCs and headsets at once. They can add time limits to headsets, receive notifications from students requesting help while they are in VR, schedule sessions in advance, etc.

How much does SpringboardVR cost?

There are two costs associated with SpringboardVR:

  1. Management Software: $300/year/station. Includes device & time management and the VR content launcher.
  2. Content: In addition to management software SpringboardVR offers a marketplace of edutainment and educational VR content. Content can be licensed on a monthly or yearly basis per station. We do not create content ourselves, we distribute and license on behalf of 3rd party content partners. For a full list of content and their associated prices please refer to our marketplace.

Can I side load my own content from Steam?

Yes, you are able to side load content from Steam.