Roadmap 2024


The first quarter is planned for a major overhaul of the booking widget and the implementation of the long-requested timer. The main website and free-roam page have been rewritten and merged together. It will give us the flexibility to communicate better and make it easier to update.


There will be several huge updates on the software and infrastructure. The goal is to be up to par with the latest technology and improve the speed of the platform as a whole. Also, the long-expected update of the launcher will take place. On the free-roam side, the launcher will undergo a redesign focusing more on sessions and less on play spaces. Besides that, the upgrade for the Arena release pipeline will be finished.


Will focus on implementing and upgrading new features to the Arena launcher. The detachment from experiences from the stations is part of the long-term strategy of the platform, as well as a highly requested feature.


Our focus will continue to include regular bug fixes across all quarters. However, this quarter will place a deeper emphasis on addressing the bug backlog and resolving less critical bugs. The idea is to leave some room in case we did not make the previous deadlines.