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What is SpringboardVR?

With game preview, first-time tutorial, time tracking, scheduling, custom licensing, game launcher, quick setup, call for help and more, SpringboardVR is the backbone that powers VR arcades and creates incredible customer experiences.

Designed For An Incredible Customer Experience
With an immersive game launcher, custom VR controller tutorial, and an online scheduler that connects with your payment system, SpringboardVR takes your VR Arcade to the next level.
Grow Your VR Arcade.
Centralize, manage, and optimize your VR Arcade with our time tracking, in-depth analytics, and custom game licensing. Get a bird's-eye view of your entire operation from a single device.
Automate Your Arcade.
With our seamless 10 minute setup, in-depth game and customer analytics, and online station management, Arcade operators are able to grow and scale with no compromise the customer experience.
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An immersive virtual reality software with an all-in-one arcade management solution


Arcade management software, made by arcade owners.

Running a profitable VR arcade is a tall order, and one that is full of challenges & obstacles to overcome. We experienced this first-hand and realized that there was something missing from the VR arcade landscape. That's why we created a complete VR Arcade management solution fully dedicated to transforming the VR arcade experience.

What do our customers say?

  • "The launcher makes a nice clean look for customers to see applications instead of giving them Steam in its raw form, where they might end up anywhere in the menus."


  • "This is the Mercedes-Benz of VR [arcade] software"

    Fevr Gaming

  • "A major part of our experience is that the customers waiting their turn can see the gameplay of the player in session on a big screen to see what the player sees. Having every game automatically full screened saved a lot of time and hassle for our employees and made their job a lot easier."

    VR Pigeon Forge

  • "Current platforms like Steam and Vive Port are designed for personal, not arcade use. The game selection is very complicated on those platforms and people often don't know where games are located. This is the most important reason why I use SpringboardVR."


Trusted by over 180 arcades in 20 countries worldwide

SpringboardVR practically runs your arcade for you.
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