Looking to join the platform?

We’ve developed a process to evaluate immersive content based on our vision for the potential of VR and a deeper understanding of what makes a title suitable for out-of-home play. For more information on that curation process take a look at this blog.

Process to Join the Platform:

  1. Read through our Content Guidelines and make sure your title meets our standards. 
  2. Take a look at our FAQ's to get a better understanding of the platform.
  3. Share your title's information with us by filling out this form.
  4. We take each title through a vetting process that you can read more about here
  5. If your title is approved, we’ll send you a private link to create an account on the SpringboardVR platform.

What is this new release about?

We’re excited to launch our new content distribution system. Simply put, it’s how we help Content Creator’s license, distribute and monetize content. Our goal was to build a distribution system that is simple to use, secure, allows for a variety of pricing options, addresses piracy and gives content creators the most visibility (data) on their content of any platform on the market. All on our industry leading, largest out-of-home VR network.

Why are you switching to this system?

Why make the switch?

In the last 18 months, we’ve been on a learning journey. We’ve tracked 46 million minutes across almost 500 locations in 45 countries and had hundreds of conversations with content creators (and operators). We built this new feature to address the many problems and pain points we uncovered along the way.


Is this required?

Going forward, we’ll be switching to using this as our only distribution method. At some point in the future, we will stop using Steam Keys entirely and only content creators who have uploaded content on our platform will be able to monetize their content on SpringboardVR.

What's so great about our Content Distribution System?

Our goal was to build a distribution system that is simple to use, secure, allows for a variety of pricing options, addresses piracy and gives content creators the most visibility (data) on their content of any platform on the market. All on our industry-leading, largest out-of-home VR network.

What new features does this system include?

This new distribution system is a complete overhaul, with countless changes on the front-end and back-end.

The big picture changes include:

  • New Licensing Options (Regional Pricing, Monthly, Annual and Per-Play)
  • Content Curation
  • Marketing and Promotion within the platform (E.G. Featuring hot/new titles)
  • Anti-Piracy Measures

What changes for the operators with this new distribution method?

Operators have been asking for this kind of distribution system since day one. Right now using Steam keys is a painful process. They are required to create a unique email address for every station, login to Steam, copy and paste a unique Steam key to each station, download the title to their Steam library and then add it to whatever launcher they are using.

Why should I use your content distribution system?

We have spent countless hours speaking to our Operators about the tedious process of Commercial Licensing and the struggles that come along with it. We believe we have built a system that will alleviate a large number of the pain points people experience on daily basis.

Here are some of the pros to the SpringboardVR distribution system and why we think it is such an important addition to our platform. 


EULA Acceptance

No one likes having their play time interrupted by a random EULA update that has to be accepted. We built our system to have advanced notice with EULAs and Updates. You will be given plenty of advanced notice through email and dashboard notifications to ensure gameplay is not interrupted.


Steam Keys

Everyone knows how much time is wasted by copy and pasting Steam keys into accounts and downloading the title for every single piece of content on every station. Our new distribution system eliminates the need for Steam keys by offering one-click titles that can be downloaded directly to your computers. Titles that are on our one-click system upload directly to our servers. From there when it is time for you to license a title you simply need to click a button and the content will begin downloading onto the computer. No need for redeeming a key on every station!


Deploying Content to Stations

Adding content to your stations can be a hassle. We have revamped the way assigning content to stations works so it can be done in a more streamlined fashion. You can now install one-click titles on all your stations at once for your location and experience types.


Educational Content

We truly believe VR has the potential to change the world and we want to be a part of that change. Offering Educational content for commercial licensing can help you fill the gaps during slow business periods by offering services to your local schools and organizations. 


Licensing Options

PPM, Monthly, and Yearly, pricing can be set by Content Creators to give you better options when choosing how you want to license content for your location. 

What is your service fee?

Our service fee is as follows: 

3% - Transaction and bank processing fees

22% - Platform fee

25% = Total Fee

What value does SpringboardVR give to justify your service fee?

We’ve built a platform designed from the ground up for Content Creators that includes a dedicated dashboard, anti-piracy measures, best in class data, and multiple pricing and licensing options. We also offer the largest LBE distribution network in the world. Additionally other services that we provide as part of our service fee that may not immediately be apparent include the following.

  1. Hosting content - storage and managing uploads and downloads.
  2. Tracking minutes and providing data to developer.
  3. Continuous platform improvement which requires a full internal development team.
  4. Fully staffed tech support, content team and marketing team to support Content Creators.
  5. Preparing and invoicing operators for commercial license fees.
  6. Follow-up and collection efforts with operators.
  7. Calculation of non-resident withholding tax (if applicable).
  8. Remittance of non-resident withholding tax (if applicable).
  9. Billing and accounting time for transactions.
  10. Issuance of monthly statement to Content Creators.
  11. Initiation and remittance of funds to Content Creators.
  12. Year-end compliance for withholding tax (if applicable).
  13. Developing relationships and marketing content to operators.

What pricing options are available?

This new distribution method will have per minute, monthly, annual and per-play pricing. You’ll also be able to set regional pricing on a per country basis. For more information, see our Knowledge Base Article on Pricing & Distribution.

How do the monthly/annual licenses work?

We use an industry standard “floating license”. This means that if a location purchases three monthly licenses, any three stations can run that title at one time. In the event that three stations are actively using your title and a fourth station launches it, the fourth station automatically rolls over to a “per minute” license and those minutes are tracked and billed according to whatever per-minute price you’ve set. This is a benefit that is not offered by other licensing solutions like Steam Site Licensing.

What does getting a new title on your platform look like?

There are three main steps to getting your content live on the SpringboardVR platform.

  1. Vetting. Our content team vets every title based on two main considerations:
    • Does it meet our Content Guidelines?
      • We have developed a Content Guidelines model to help guide the best content that VR has to offer to our audience. The Content Guidelines can be found here.
    • Does it pass our internal scoring process?
      • We’ve developed an (internal only) multiple question weighted scorecard based on everything we’ve learned from talking to operators and content creators as well as looking at millions of minutes of playtime.
  2. Onboarding. Onboarding is a simple process that involves the following:
    • Initial setup.
      • The initial set up will look a lot like onboarding into any other platform. We do not require SDK integration. As of April 2019, we will no longer require Steam Keys for distribution. 
    • Tax form approval (if necessary).
      • The process of uploading your tax information is made easy through our backend. As you’re going through the onboarding process, you’ll be asked to upload your tax form. Simply upload the signed and dated document to our system and wait. It will take 5 days to process, however you may complete the onboarding process and once your tax form is approved your titles will hit the marketplace!
  3. Uploading Content.
    • After talking to hundreds of Content Creators we heard one major request. To keep things simple. Because of that, we do not require SDK integration, and are continuing to make the porting process as easy as possible.

What are your content guidelines?

The guiding principle for SpringboardVR is simple: to make the best, most transformative VR content available to everyone, everywhere. Our Content Guidelines can be found here and explains both the categories of content we’re actively looking for and the types of content that aren’t a good fit for the platform. We’ve also included some technical requirements and general guidelines that are worth looking at.

Do you curate titles on your platform?

Yes. The guiding principle for SpringboardVR is to make the best, most transformative VR content available to everyone, everywhere. This means careful curation. We wrote our Content Guidelines to reflect the kinds of content we’re excited to bring to the platform.

Does your new system require any additional development work?

It depends on how your title is built. We don’t require any SDK work or major custom development. The same build that you are uploading to other platforms SHOULD work on our distribution system. The only thing you’ll need to do is to disable functionality specific to Steam, Viveport or other platforms. As an example, the Steam leaderboard functionality is not supported. For more information and a step by step process to make sure your title meets the requirements, see our Knowledge Base article on the topic. If you have any questions, please email our team at [email protected]

What types of VR content do you support?

We support SteamVR titles, so your build needs to support SteamVR.

Does your platform require SDK integration?

At this time we don’t require any SDK integration. At some point in the future we will be building an SDK that allows for a variety of useful features, including things like multiplayer, leaderboards, etc. As of now, no SDK integration is required to join the platform.

How does multiplayer work without an SDK and Steam?

In general, we recommend that Content Creators use a third party service that is not platform specific. See this Knowledge Base article for more information and resources. We are also working on an SDK* that will include many features requested by Content Creators and Operators, including multiplayer support.

*To be clear, we don’t require any SDK integration today to offer your title on the platform.

Does SpringboardVR use any DRM solution?

Yes, we use an industry grade “wrapper DRM” that only allows the launch of a title if a commercial license is associated with it, by matching a private and public key. Content Creators will be able to toggle on or off this DRM feature as desired. By default it is enabled to help better protect your content.

Why should I trust you with my content?

We’re trusted by 270+ content creators and hundreds of operators around the world. More specifically, we’re the largest LBE network, with operators in 45 countries and over 46 million minutes of VR playtime.

What is the process of uploading my .EXE onto the platform?

We use a simple to use, command-line tool that we call SpringboardVR CLI.

SpringboardVR CLI allows you to:

  • Upload builds of your games quickly & reliably to SpringboardVR.

Generate patches and apply them offline.

Run utility commands.

Uploading is incredibly simple. See this document for an illustrated guide.

What does uploading a new build onto the platform look like?

Once you are setup with our command line tool, it’s just a simple command, “springboardvr-cli push directory game:channel” to push out patched, bug fixes, or new content.

See this document for more info on pushing builds.