Switching Launcher Environments


October 22, 2018 | 3 min read

SpringboardVR Feature Spotlight

No VR center is the same. Each VR Arcade or VR Lab was designed by different people, with different models, for different purposes. When building our VR content management and licensing solution, we were sure it allowed VR Operators to quickly customize the Launcher to fit their operation. If they want to change something, it’s simply a toggle switch within our Operator Panel to automatically make the change in the Launcher.

For this Feature Spotlight, we are going to highlight the new Launcher Environment, and how to change up the look on your own.

New Environment option added, we call it “Wasteland”

A new Environment has been added! We call it “Wasteland.” For customers who have been with us awhile, you may remember this Environment from before SpringboardVR 3.0. Environments can be selected on a per Experience level.

Both Environments now play ambient music and ambient sounds. Make sure to check out the spaceships in the “Rooftop” Environment flying by with their 3D sounds. The UI in VR also now comes with sounds! Clicking on various elements gives different audio feedback to your customers.

How to Change Environments:

In your Operator Panel, click on your location in the left panel then navigate to the “Experiences” tab.

  • Choose the Experience you would like to set an Environment for.
  • On the Experience Details page, scroll down until you see the Launcher Settings section and choose your Launcher Environment. Currently there are two Environments to choose from: Rooftop and Wasteland.

Where to select your preferred Launch Environment

  • Once you select the Environment you wish to use for your experience make sure to click “Save”.
  • Once you have saved your settings the Environment will change in the Launcher automatically!

More Information on the Launcher Environments

To read more on the Launcher, reference the following Knowledgebase articles:

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