Presence & Immersion

February 22, 2024|9 min read

Virtual Reality Immersion

As Virtual Reality continues to rapidly evolve and expand, the science and understanding of how our minds and bodies react to VR experiences is also being revealed. If you own a VR Arcade, VR headset, or have done any research about VR, you’ve most likely heard the terms “presence” and “immersion.” Today we’ll be taking a closer look at these words and their significance within the VR Arcade landscape.

What exactly do these words mean?

Is it possible to achieve full immersion?

How can presence & immersion improve the customer experience?

Can a fully immersive experience help run a more successful VR Arcade?

Immersion Defined

Why Immersion Matters

Immersion is crucial to the customer experience, and the threshold to ‘presence.’


Presence Defined

Why Presence Matters

Presence is the holy grail of the customer experience, and essential to ‘The Equation.’


Immersion in VR Arcades

Remember that equation from a previous blog of ours (Multiplayer Gaming in VR Arcades)? Achieving higher levels of presence & immersion take that equation to the next level––a more immersive virtual experience is directly correlated to higher profitability for a VR Arcade.

The Equation

Immersive Experiences = Customer Satisfaction = Returning Business = Higher Profitability

Roadblocks to Achieving Immersion

Many factors can hinder your customers from achieving immersion and presence… Here’s our take on what prevents VR Arcades from achieving immersion for their customers.

Removing the Headset

The worst thing that can happen when trying to reach full immersion. The headset facilitates the experience. Removing the headset completely removes the customer from the experience.

Lack of Audio

The more you can stimulate and preoccupy all five senses within the virtual environment, the less they sense the real world around them.

Not Knowing How to Play

Nobody likes not being good at something; especially when it is supposed to be fun.
Frustration ≠ Immersion.

Needing to Ask for Help

Again, taking off the headset is a no-go when it comes to achieving full immersion and presence.

Switching Players

If multiple people are in the same party, suggest a multiplayer option where everyone can be simultaneously immersed.

Benefactors to Achieving Immersion

Keeping Headset on Throughout Experience

The headset is where immersion happens. It’s where presence begins. The goal is for the customer to essentially forget they have the headset on so that they can dive fully into their experience.

Full Sensory Experience

With the headset on, headphones equipped, and controllers in-hand, immersion begins. The senses are stimulated and in-use, thus inviting the customer into presence.

High Quality Graphics

Look as real as possible, mimicking that of reality.

Intuitive Responsiveness

No lagging, instant response to movements or actions.

Longer Gameplay

The longer someone’s in a virtual environment, the easier it is to forget the outside world around them.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Utilizes heightened emotion and competition, easier to become fully immersed when more focus and strategy are required.

Implement New Games & Experiences for Customers

Familiarity is the enemy of nuance. Offering new games and experiences for customers will not only encourage returning business, but it will also create anticipation for new levels of immersion and presence.

Immersion & SpringboardVR

Imagine this, a customer walks into your VR Arcade for the first time, puts on a headset and headphones and doesn’t take them off until their session is over. Science calls it presence––when the virtual world is so immersive you lose yourself in it.

Let’s be honest, talking to customers throughout their experience dramatically inhibits their ability to achieve presence — which is where the real magic is!

With SpringboardVR your entire VR Arcade can be run from a single device… everything from adding new games to your library to managing time at each station and even simple things like tracking controller battery life.

Your customer puts on the headset and steps into a stunning custom launch environment — for many this is their first experience in VR and we want it to be breathtaking. A simple and engaging VR tutorial equips them with everything they need to navigate their virtual world as they move effortlessly in and out of games.

Optimized Gameplay

  • Track time
  • Switch games seamlessly
  • Game tutorials & demos
  • Call for help within environment (from headset)

Intuitive Arcade Management

  • Full arcade view & management
  • Real-time customer notifications
  • Engaged staff
  • Add new games in seconds
  • Optimize according to customer data & feedback


The success of your VR Arcade relies heavily, if not wholly, on your customers’ experience. By providing more opportunities for heightened levels of immersion and presence for your customers, your VR Arcade will be set up to succeed and thrive. Remember the equation:

Immersive Experiences = Customer Satisfaction = Returning Business = Higher Profitability

With SpringboardVR, your customers are set up from the beginning of their experience to achieve higher levels of immersion and presence. Learn more and/or start your free trial today!