ARVORE Immersive Games

Experience Type
Room Scale / Standing
Age Rating
Arcade Version
Action, Rhythm / Music
Join Kimi, the number one fan of the animated series YUKI, in an exciting adventure inside her colorful imagination! Hold your spaceship and flow with the music against exquisite creatures in this sensorial experience completing every level, making your way to the top of the leaderboard inside Kimi’s room. Welcome to the Yummy Universe of Kimi’s Imagination! Move your body. Be a part of a choreography composed of scenery elements. Dodge the bullets and and explore the three dimensions of the environment within a spatial virtual reality designed gameplay. Flow with the music. Original songs created specially for the experience, mirroring the narrative curve will make you feel inside your Saturday morning cartoon. Create strategies. Thanks to different collectables items and multiple path options, players will have to make several choices during the gameplay. And these are only the beginning! Shine. Play it and play it again - until you get to the top of the local leaderboard. Train and strive and climb to the top of the world leaderboard! Explore different universes. YUKI is highly replayable, the universes are all based on Kimi's imagination - candy, cats, school, the choices are endless.