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$20 USDMonthly
$200 USDYearly
Experience Type
Room Scale / Standing
Age Rating
Arcade Version
Action, Casual / Sandbox, Party Games
Play as the Norse god of thunder and wield your hammer, Mjölnir, in a beautiful Nordic landscape in VR. Save the human village from giants that have come from Jotunheim to destroy the village. Challenge your fellow friends, family and asgardians to see who can lay claim on the highest score in Asgard, with 4 levels of increasing difficulty! THE BASICS - Hold your hammer and grab things with the trigger. - The harder you throw, the faster and straighter the hammer flies. - For every three enemies you defeat, you get a lightning bolt to shoot. - You will know when the hammer is charged by the blue lightning bolts coming off it. - Avoid getting hit by rocks to keep your multiplier high. - The hammer will also glow more the higher the multiplier gets. THE DETAILS Houses - Houses can take 2 hits before getting destroyed - Houses on fire has taken one hit, houses that are smoking are destroyed Enemies - Regular giants take 1 hit to defeat - Shield giants take 1 hit to defeat with body hit, 2 hits if you hit the shield first - Rock thrower giants take 1 hit to defeat, but watch out for the rocks - Frost giants take 2 hits to defeat - Lava giants take 2 hits to defeat, in quick succession Bonus Points - The more houses you have left at the end, the more bonus points you get - The faster you play, the more Time Bonus you get - The more hits you get, both with the hammer or the lightning bolt, the more Accuracy Bonus you'll get VIVE CONTROLS - Triggers - Grab - Touchpad - Shoot Lightning - Grip Buttons - Control the hammer in the air - Menu Button - Pause OCULUS CONTROLS - OculusTriggers - Grab - A, B, X, Y - Shoot Lightning - Grip Buttons - Control the hammer in the air - Menu Button - Pause KEYBOARD HOTKEYS - O - Toggle overlay - R - Restart Level - Space or P - Pause - Esc - Quit Game