Skiing VR


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Room Scale / Standing

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Arcade Version





Sports, Multiplayer, Health and Wellness, For Family, Simulation

<h2>Ski anytime you want on perfectly designed slopes. Find your way to the finish line and prove that you're the best skier!</h2> <h3>RIDE WITH OTHER SKIERS OR WITH AI</h3> <p>Have a good time with your friends in a multiplayer game and find out who is the best skier or challenge riders from all over the world. <br>But sometimes, we all need a single ride. You can have a good time alone in all four game modes.</p> <h3>DIFFERENT SKIERS, DIFFERENT STYLES</h3> <p>Ski your way in the daytime or at night: set the best time in the race, come first to the finish, gain the highest score or enjoy a free ride. Navigate the slopes and find different ways to reach the finish line.</p> <h3>AI-POWERED REALISTIC CONTROLS</h3> <p>You don't need foot controllers to play Skiing VR, just your VR headset and two hand controllers. We developed a unique AI-driven control system that predicts your body movement according to different sensors. That's why Skiing VR is so realistic.</p> <h3>KEY FEATURES:</h3> <ul> <li>Ski in VR like on a real slope</li> <li>Enjoy four game modes: time and speed races, score, and a free ride</li> <li>Challenge your friends or players all over the world</li> <li>Ride perfectly designed slopes</li> <li>Feel the AI-driven controls</li> <li>Let the music drive your ride</li> </ul> <a href=""></a>
LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
System Requirements
  • Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)
  • Core i5-4590 (AMD FX 8350) or better
  • 8 gb RAM
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060
  • A 64-bit processor and operating system are required