Rainbow Reactor


USDPer minute
Experience Type
Room Scale / Standing
Age Rating
Arcade Version
Puzzle, Rhythm / Music, Party Games
Perfect game to show to new VR users or even people with no experience in gaming at all! Rainbow Reactor has been created to avoid all VR Pitfalls: - Players stand or sit in one place, no motion sickness possible - Players play with natural arm and hand motions, no "gaming experience" necessary - No violence: appeals to non-gaming partners, parents and family members - Great graphics to achieve high feeling of immersion and "VR awesomeness" - Can be played in groups in "Party Mode" with local leaderboard - Still fun for experienced players through intricate scoring system In RAINBOW REACTOR, players throw and mix colorful "Chroma Balls" to fuel a futuristic energy reactor. Adjacent balls of the same color will react and dissolve, creating the addictive feeling known from classic games like Tetris or Candy Crush. FEATURES: - 9 levels of rising difficulty and additional features and hazards - 9 groovy Synthwave tunes which are synched to the action - "SINGLE SHIFT" mode with modifiers for higher or lower difficulty & score - "PARTY MODE" for localized play with individual name-entry for the leaderboards - 11 different leaderboards to compare scores with your friends or the whole world - Downloadable manual (see right hand menu on Steam Store page) - High-End visuals without any use of pre-made assets - aimed at perfomance GPUs - Funky music & punchy sound effects - Spoken language support in English and German - Spoken language support for Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian being prepared