Monsterplants vs Bowling - Arcade Edition

Payoff Technologies

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Arcade Version
Monsterplants VS Bowling is an chaotic cooperative VR experience.You need one or two players to protect your garage from mutant plant waves coming right at you. Coordinate to defeat enemies: you can customize your bowling balls to create deadly weapons! IDEAL FOR VR ARCADES The game is ideally designed for VR Arcade. Play solo or engage in a 2 players eperience. Whether your play space is small or big, the game will adapt to your available room. You can even share the same room space. SIMPLE CONTROLS The fully integrated tutorial system allows you to focus on the experience. Kids, non-gamers, hundreds of players have participated to make this experience accessible to everyone. THE FUTURE For now, it is a short experience of 15 minutes. A new level will be released every month! We are a team of dedicated experienced developers and have tried to make the experience as fun as possible. Do not hesitate to provide your feedbacks about your experience, we'll be looking at them closely!