Feed the Dinos

Virtec Attractions Sagl

10¢ USDPer minute
Experience Type
Room Scale / Standing
Age Rating
Arcade Version
Educational, Simulation, Adventure
It’s the year 2019, thanks to a chance discovery, our research and development team has managed to make time travel possible. Our current portal will allow you to take an incredible journey to the Cretaceous Era, where our engineers have prepared an unforgettable adventure for you. Immerse yourself in the magical world of dinosaurs and discover in real life how the dinosaurs really lived. Get an impression of their enormous size and learn everything you have always wanted to know about dinosaurs. But that’s not all: the highlight of this adventure trip is to feed a variety of trained dinosaurs by balancing on a narrow plank construction suspended up to 200m high. You will be amazed to see what our dinosaurs have learned!