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Racing, Multiplayer, For Family

Introducing Downshift! A one of a kind VR racing experience purpose-built for Location-Based Virtual Reality venues. Easy controls, arcade aesthetic, and exciting tracks set this game apart from the hardcore racing simulators without losing any of the challenge. Race head-to-head with up to 6 players or battle it out with the AI as you race across beautifully designed tracks riddled with traps and obstacles. Supports all major PCVR headsets and steering wheels as well as full-motion sim support. Supports VR controllers and Xbox/generic gamepads. Comfort modes for motion sickness include optional Peripheral dampening and 2D Arcade booth display mode that can be instantly switched on or off mid-game. Accessibility settings for Wheel-only driving and automatic acceleration/braking for children that can't reach the pedals and persons with disabilities. Automatic matchmaking for up to 6 VR racing simulators, with option to choose car and track for bypassing pre-race player options. Choose the number of races directly from launch with no interruption between races. Maximum race time to prevent stalling, and quick wrong-way autocorrect to prevent time loss and frustration when getting turned around. Easy Customization from the operator panel. (ESC button) Edit button mapping, Customize arcade name, (displayed in the main menu), and player names in the hidden operator UI. Custom branding images with simple copy/paste implementation. Visit for additional information or special requests. Multiplayer Setup: **!!NEW!!** Standalone launcher available to control sessions from any operator PC. Download at Each station should have the Arcade Name set to exactly the same text (including spaces). This is essentially the multiplayer room/host name where the stations connect to. Once that is set, have the stations that are wanting to play a game together select Multiplayer. Make sure each station has joined the room (you'll see an arcade booth for each station pop in) before starting the race. Once the race has begun, the room closes. For multiple sessions (for example, if you have a group of 2 or more wanting to play, and then another separate group of 2 or more wanting to play), have the stations for the first session join and start the race and then have the next set of stations start a new multiplayer game which will detect the previous room has closed and start a new room. Contact the developer directly for request or troubleshooting at [email protected]
LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
System Requirements
Min System Requirements:
Processor- i5 8700k or Ryzen 5 3600
RAM - 12GB
GPU - GTX 1070 or AMD Vega RX-56
HD Space - 4GB