Clippy's VR Tutorial

Free Space Technologies

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Room Scale / Standing

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Arcade Version





Educational, Experience, For Family

Welcome to Clippy's VR Tutorial. This Tutorial is designed to get your customers comfortable with the VR world for their first time or even a refresher. It takes on average 7mins to go throughand covers various methods of menu interaction, picking up & interacting with items, teleportation and the SpringboardVR menu. If a customer has any major issues you can always reset it by pressing the "R" key from an attached keyboard and the "B" key will reset the ball if required. You can now also press the "Space Bar" to skip the section. We are aware of an issue with Focus 3 headsets where if a player leaves the boundaries it can cause the section where they place the item in the bubble and/or box to not function properly, please ensure customers remain within boundaries to prevent this or use Space Bar to skip section.
LanguagesInterfaceFull AudioSubtitles
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You know those NASA Super Computers? Yeah, one of those.