Bugs From Space

Earthlover Games

$25.00 USDMonthly
$240.00 USDYearly
Experience Type
Room Scale / Standing
Age Rating
Arcade Version
Action, Multiplayer, Shooter
Set in a Starship Troopers inspired universe, Bugs From Space is a fast-paced co-op shooter. Players fire blasters and shoot energy bows to defend their base from an alien infestation. The bugs shoot back, so don't forget to duck! Players earn credits to upgrade weapons in between onslaughts and will work their way up to guns and bows powerful enough to deal with any invasive species. Built For VR Arcades: - Trigger is the only button needed to play - Minimal need for support from arcade staff due to pickup-and-play game design - High player engagement thanks to fast pacing and fun reward system - Fun for everyone - Minimal risk of motion sickness: room-scale game that only uses teleport movement - 1-4 players; single player is fun, multiplayer fantastic - Three difficulty levels - Difficulty scales with the number of players - Boss Fight! *Please note* You can set the server region for multiplayer gameplay by finding the "config" text file in the root of the BFS_2022_Data folder. Server Region inputs are in quotes: "asia" - hosted in Singapore "au" - Melbourne "cae" - hosted in Montreal "eu" - hosted in Amsterdam "in" - hosted in Chennai "jp" - hosted in Tokyo "ru" - hosted in Moscow "rue" - hosted in Khabarovsk "za" - hosted in Johannesburg "sa" - hosted in Sao Paulo "kr" - hosted in Seoul "tr" - hosted in Istanbul "us" - hosted in Washington, D.C. "usw" - hosted in San Jose, California For full instructions on customizing Bugs From Space, please use this link:
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System Requirements
  • CPU: core i7 6700 or newer with similar core/thread count and clock speeds
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1070 or equivalent 
  • 8 GB RAM