smartVR studio

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Room Scale / Standing
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Arcade Version
Shooter, Multiplayer, Action
FPS + Esport + VR + Free to Play > 2 to 8 Players ! Join the Fight Now ! After-H is continiusly updated with new content and improved with players/arcades feedback. Join us on Discord ! Core Gameplay - 100% competitive gameplay - only skill and collaboration matter. - Experience realistic manipulations and futuristic gun fighting. - 3 Maps, 3 game modes, 3 different weapons - Skins system, integrated vocal, left/right hand, motion sickness free... LBVR Unique Functionnalities: - Overlay with name, team, scores and game infos on every player. - Possibility for operators to take control at distance in the menus to create/join games AND during games to change settings or quit the game. - Games recorder online available with an URL adress to display score on a dedicated screen ! - A complete and professional OBSERVATOR system with player view, free cam, kill feed, team scores etc... For manuals and marketing assets (logo, pictures, screenshots, wallpapers, videos...), go to: For technical support please email