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November 18, 2019 | 3 min read

The holiday season is fast approaching and we’re excited to inform you that we’ve got three, amazing titles we’re featuring for FREE on the platform starting today. Shooty Fruity Arcade and Touring Karts will be free from November 18th to November 25th, while YUKI will be free from November 18th to December 2nd. 

3 Featured & Free Titles Just in Time for the Holidays!

1) Shooty Fruity Arcade

Shooty Fruity Arcade has been a go-to for many Arcades since its release last year and for any Operators who haven’t tried this one yet, now’s a better time than ever. 

The developers at nDreams put a ton of time and effort into making their original title work for Arcades and they did a great job of streamlining it into an easy pick-up and play experience. 

It still provides a challenge for anyone looking to show off their skills, and overall, Shooty Fruity Arcade is a must-have at any Arcade. 

Free from November 18th through November 25th!

SpringboardVR customers can add Shooty Fruity to their library by following the button below.

Add Shooty Fruity Arcade to Your Library

2) Touring Karts

A very fun kart racer akin to titles like Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing. This title is a very polished and fun experience overall, especially for groups of people looking for a fun, multiplayer experience. 

The maps are quirky and fun, and the mechanic of mixing the powerups together is super fun to experiment with.

Now fair warning, this title is best experienced seated and with a full racing setup.

Using standard Vive controllers without a racing setup can make this title a bit difficult so beware of this when suggesting it for newbies.

Free from November 18th through November 25th!

SpringboardVR customers can add Touring Karts to their library by following the button below.

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The bullet-hell Arcade shooter YUKI from ARVORE. 

This “made for Arcades” title is currently only available in Arcades and the developers recently put out an update that really took this title to the next level. 

Amazing visuals, solid gameplay and an easy to understand spectator view are just a few reasons that YUKI has been a team favorite ever since its release––so make sure you and your employees try out this amazing title for yourself.  

Free from November 18th through December 2nd!

SpringboardVR customers can add YUKI to their library by following the button below.

Add YUKI to Your Library

As always thanks for tuning in and check our channel for more content videos!

Hunter Lane
Content Team Ninja | SpringboardVR

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