VR Operator Content Licensing Updates


February 27, 2024|11 min read

We have pushed live some extremely exciting content licensing updates that will make your life SO. MUCH. EASIER. After spending countless hours speaking to our Operators about the tedious process of Commercial Licensing and the struggles that come along with it, we believe these updates will alleviate a large number of the pain points people experience on a daily basis.

Here are some of the new updates to the SpringboardVR content distribution system.

Educational Content

Enjoy access to a variety of educational content on the SpringboardVR Marketplace.


Note: We are actively working with VR Arcades to help discover how Educational content can best be used in the VR Arcade setting with the goal of passing these findings on to you! 

5 EDU Titles for VR Arcades

No more Steam Keys

Everyone knows how much time is wasted by copy and pasting Steam keys into every stations account and downloading the title, for every single piece of content. Our new content distribution system eliminates the need for Steam keys. Titles that are on our new system upload directly to our servers. From there when it is time for you to license a title you simply need to click a button and the content will begin downloading directly onto the computer. No need for redeeming a key on every station!

Read more about the benefits of no more Steam Keys:

Benefits of No More Steam Keys

Deploying Content to Stations

Adding content to your stations can be a hassle. We have revamped the way assigning content to stations works so it can be done in a more streamlined fashion. You can now install one title to multiple stations at once for your location and experience types.

  1. Click into the desired content title
  2. Manually uninstall a title from your computer by going to Steam and clicking "Uninstall"
  3. Simply click the "Update All" button and the title will automatically begin installing onto any station it has been enabled on

Check out the Content Migration Guide for further details:

Content Migration Guide


Read about the trending titles that are available for One-Click-Install today!

One-Click-Install Blog

Notifications in Marketplace

A red dot notification is now present in the left navigation panel and on the Content Details tab for titles that need attention. This includes EULA approval, installation issues, and station out of disk space. The notification will also appear when your content is ready to be moved over to the updated platform.


New Marketplace Content Page

From here, you can view the description, difficulty level, tags, age rating and recommended number of players for the title. The content video trailer is available to watch on the Marketplace in addition to My Library.


Easily Review & Accept EULAs

No one likes having their play time interrupted by a random EULA update that has to be accepted. We built our system to have advanced notice with EULAs and Updates. You will be given plenty of advanced notice through email and dashboard notifications to ensure gameplay is not interrupted.


My Library Page

With this update we have revamped the flow of viewing the content you have in your account. You now have the “My Library” page where you can view all the content you license, add new titles to your offering, and customize the order they appear in the Launcher.


Pricing Summary

Each content page now provides a pricing summary.


Edit content description, difficulty level, tags and recommended number of players for the title


FAQs Around this Update


What other updates are coming soon?

Game reviews, floating licenses, monthly, annual, and regional pricing will be available in later release.

How do I transition my titles to the new update?

Whenever a title in your library becomes available on the updated platform, you will receive a notification in your library. To transition the title to our platform, simply click “Update All”, and the title will automatically be installed onto any station it has been enabled on. Note: You will need to manually uninstall the old versions of the title. Check out the Content Migration Guide for further details here.

Content Migration Guide

Can I manually add content I license outside of SpringboardVR?

You can use content which you have commercial licenses for from other sources in your SpringboardVR Library.

Do I still need a Steam account for SpringboardVR’s distribution system?

For the time being, yes. Although we no longer use Steam Keys, you will still need a Steam account to download SteamVR. You should log into Steam on each station to ensure SteamVR is properly launched and updated regularly.

Additional Resources:


If you’re interested in optimizing the way you license VR content and want to explore new ways to make your VR Arcade more successful then please reach out to [email protected].

Our goal is to be an industry partner and continue to support the growth of VR and see how exciting and transformative VR can really be!


Madison Jackson
Product Lead | SpringboardVR