Tower Tag Announces VR Arcade Tournament & Launch on the SpringboardVR Marketplace

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October 22, 2019 | 5 min read

VR’s best kept secret, Tower Tag, is now available for VR Operators on the SpringboardVR Marketplace!

Announcing the launch of Tower Tag on the SpringboardVR Marketplace!

VR’s Best Kept Secret: Tower Tag

If you haven’t gotten a chance to try Tower Tag, you’re missing one of the best VR experiences to date. Tower Tag is doing really (really!) well at locations around the world. Operators we've talked to are seeing surprisingly high utilization numbers, and consistent repeat customers.  It’s also taken Asia by storm, amassing millions of viewers, packing Arcades across the continent — and is quickly rising to be among the best VR eSport titles available.

Tower Tag is played at locations in 40+ countries and has taken Asia by storm with recent tournaments having budgets of more than one million Euros and tens of thousands of dollars in prize money. Pro eSport gamers like Aries TCK and SAO are playing at their team houses and the last Tower Tag tournament had over 1.2 million live stream viewers.

Even better, we're excited to announce a US vs Europe VR Arcade Tower Tag tournament that will take place in early November. There is still time to register!

Register for Tower Tag VR Arcade Tournament

Akin to the Laser Tag venues of old, at first Tower Tag may seem like a casual, competitive shooter but players will quickly learn that there’s a ton of strategy and teamwork involved when playing Tower Tag.

Players strategically move around the map by controlling platforms and moving between them to gain advantages over their opponents. Each platform has a central tower that can be used for cover from incoming fire. Controlling platforms is the key to being able to outmaneuver and outgun your enemies! Don’t rely on just being a good shot!

Haptical Upgrades & Accessories for Tower Tag

Arcades looking to add a bit more immersion to their location can even add in a real, physical towers for players to use.

Go the extra mile, there’s a gun and haptic vest support too!

More Than a Game, Tower Tag is an Attraction

Tower Tag is launching on SpringboardVR's Marketplace for FREE through December 1st, 2019, because we wanted Arcade Operators to have enough to time to adopt Tower Tag and see why it is the top VR eSport in the world!

As of December 1st, 2019, Tower Tag commercial licensing pricing options will be:

  • 10¢ per-minute; or
  • $160 Monthly; or
  • $1,800 Annual

Tower Tag is an attraction, and one that will keep customers returning for more. Often times there are different strategies behind the success of an attraction.

That being said, we've seen a specific strategy work incredibly well for Operators that are wanting to grow their business with Tower Tag.

Arcade Operators that are running dedicated stations for Tower Tag have seen explosive growth in their Arcades and we want everyone on the SpringboardVR platform to have access to the tools needed for success!

After visiting thousands of VR Arcades around the world, Bob Cooney offers his insights on why creating a dedicated station is the best strategy for premium content like Tower Tag:

"In Melbourne, there’s a place called Very Good Falafel. Can you guess what they sell? There’s ALWAYS a line around the block. Have you ever been to Ess-A-Bagel in NYC? Please grab a cup of coffee before you get there so you can enjoy it while you wait a half hour for a takeout bagel and smear..."

Cooney continues, "There are a few Arcades out there that only offer one great game: Tower Tag, and they do very well. Virtual Room in Los Angeles has ten stations and provides a single time-travel game. They are packed all the time and are expanding..."

"One reason single game Arcades work is it’s easy to communicate to the market what you do. 'Tower Tag – It’s like laser tag but in a space-aged stadium,' that’s a clear value proposition."


VR Operators That Have Gone All-In on Tower Tag

Tower Tag is so good for Arcades that several Operators have gone all-in on Tower Tag. Managing Director at CentreVR, Colin Parnell, has offered Tower Tag for 13 months in their mall location and for seven months in their 30-station VR center. Parnell has spoken in high regards about Tower Tag since day one and says it’s a staple title his locations. We’ll let him do the talking now!

Colin Parnell | CentreVR

“Tower Tag is one of the most innovative game designs in the VR world,” Parnell said. “It's popular every single day, people return to play and we have tournaments too.”

Parnell continues with praise surrounding the robust Multiplayer experience, and also the replayability Tower Tag offers. “Tower Tag is a game that our staff loves because of both the ease to operate and teach.”

"Promote it will not regret it… We offer 120 games on our ‘Your Choice’ stations...but we keep Tower Tag as a standalone." Parnell highly suggests Operators run Tower Tag as a standalone game and to go 'all-in' on it.

Colin also provided an awesome "How to Play" video below!

How to Setup Your Tower Tag Server

In the video below, Hunter walks you through how to get your Tower Tag server properly setup and running:

Add Tower Tag to Your Library Today!

An amazing Multiplayer PvP Shooter, Tower Tag offers a premium experience and incredible gameplay. This title is sure to blow your customers away with its polished mechanics, gripping combat, and sleek environment.

SpringboardVR customers can add Tower Tag to their library by following the button below.

Add Tower Tag to Your Library

And as always, if you have any questions about anything, or would just like to chat, please email me us at [email protected].

William Dickinson
Content Team Lead | SpringboardVR

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