Top VR Arcade Games for Summer

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June 16, 2017 | 5 min read

Virtual Reality Gaming Stats

Of the VR Arcades currently utilizing & running the SpringboardVR arcade management platform worldwide, we put together some stats that you may find insightful and valuable.

Top 5 Virtual Reality Arcade Games

The most popular VR Arcade games based on total minutes played.

1) Job Simulator

12.1% of total minutes played

Developer: Owlchemy Labs

2) Smashbox Arena

6.9% of total minutes played

Developer: BigBox VR, Inc

3) Space Pirate Trainer

5.6% of total minutes played

Developer: I-Illusions

4) QuiVR

5.6% of total minutes played

Developer: Blueteak

5) Arizona Sunshine

4.8% of total minutes played

Developer: Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

Most Active Virtual Reality Arcade Games

Based on longest average session duration

For example:

The most active game played was Arizona Sunshine, with the average game session duration of 27.2 minutes.

1) Arizona Sunshine

Average game session duration: 27.2 minutes

Developer: Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

2) Bullet Sorrow VR

Average game session duration: 21.5 minutes

Developer: VikingVRStudio

3) Smashbox Arena

Average game session duration: 21.0 minutes

Developer: BigBox VR, Inc.

4) HordeZ

Average game session duration: 19.7 minutes

Developer: Zenz VR

5) Rec Room

Average game session duration: 17.3 minutes

Developer: Against Gravity®

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