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September 21, 2020 | 6 min read

There’s no rest when survival is on the line.

Survios highly-anticipated VR game will be available to VR Arcades starting on September 29th and we got to sit down with their team to chat more about the upcoming release.

My name is Rico Neumann and I am the Commercial Accounts Manager at Survios. I’ve been with Survios for over 3 years now, but have been in the gaming industry for close to 10 years. Video games have always been a passion of mine as well as helping people.

If you’ve ever reached out to us, you most likely connected with me as I’m the main point of contact for Survios on anything LBE/Arcade licensing related. It’s been a rewarding experience to share our content to the LBE market over the last few years, and we’re excited to bring a brand new VR game, The Walking Dead Onslaught, to our roster this month.

Q: What was the most exciting part of developing this title? 

Working on an original story set in the world of AMC’s “The Walking Dead" and being able to bring it to life through VR has been one of the most exciting parts of developing this title. We definitely kept the TV show’s lore in mind during development, including established story beats and characters -- we’ve even brought on talent from the show to reprise their roles for our game.

Q: What makes onslaught the definitive VR The Walking Dead experience? 

We have a loaded cast of fan favorites, such as Rick Grimes, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, Eugene Porter and more that you can expect to see through your journey -- some of which will be played by their real-life actors in the TV show such as Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and Josh McDermitt. We’re also introducing some original characters in the game that you’ll meet throughout the story. Combat was another main focus of ours during the development process. 

We want to make sure each shot feels satisfying and every blow to walkers hit just right. We designed an all-new system that accounts for every hit, with dismemberment that corresponds with the position of your shots and the weapon you’re using in the moment. We call this “progressive dismemberment” as it allows you to decapitate, sever limbs and stack this damage to slay in whatever manner you see fit. 

To complement combat, we have a large arsenal of weapons for the user to choose from, such as revolvers, assault rifles, katanas and more - some you can also dual-wield in the heat of the fight. So we want you to load up with your favorite tools, take ownership of your survival, and feel badass doing it.

Q: With The Walking Dead Onslaught Arcade being the 10th title you brought to LBE, what value does LBE hold to your team? Why such a commitment to servicing that industry? 

Since my first day at Survios, we have always put an emphasis on being involved in the LBE market and have considered it an essential part of the VR landscape. LBE is one of the best ways to bring VR to the masses and help lower the entry-level for customers to experience VR for the first time -- opposed to purchasing their own VR setup at home. 

I actually have a small anecdote from last month that highlights this specifically: We had a retail customer contact us who played VR for the first time at an arcade and ended up playing our title Creed: Rise to Glory during their session. They enjoyed their experience so much they ended up purchasing their own VR setup for in-home use, as well as the retail version of Creed. Again, LBE is a great way in allowing more users to enjoy a fun VR experience and helps grow the VR market overall.

Q: What makes the arcade version of The Walking Dead Onslaught different from the consumer version? 

The Arcade version of The Walking Dead Onslaught features all campaign levels, weapons, character skins and more unlocked from the beginning of the game. This allows the arcade users to hop right in and experience quick-to-action gameplay with some of the most powerful and iconic weapons (such as Lucille) from the get-go.

Q: Got any tips for operators on how to best market The Walking Dead Onslaught to their customers? How could arcades increase their business by offering this title? 

With The Walking Dead Onslaught releasing at the end of September, arcades will be able to take advantage of showcasing this popular IP during the Holiday season. Notably, this game should be a perfect match for the month of October and can be paired up with any Halloween-themed promotions operators may use to drive traffic into their locations. 

Additionally, The Walking Dead will be continuing their 10th season this October, which presents a great opportunity to bring awareness to the game through the dedicated fan base. Survios will also have Marketing Assets available for arcades to use for promotion.

Q: Does content itself attract new customers? How does IP impact that? 

Familiarity with a popular IP is definitely something that can attract new customers. A strong IP alone can be the reason a customer is inclined to try VR for the first time -- We’ve witnessed this impact first-hand with one of our past titles, Creed: Rise to Glory.

Thanks to the Survios team for sitting down with us to chat more about their highly anticipated title and don’t forget to add The Walking Dead Onslaught Arcade to your stations on September 29th! 

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Hunter Lane
Marketing & Community Lead | SpringboardVR

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