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July 31, 2019 | 3 min read

We recently onboarded ARVI VR’s title “The Last Day Defense” and the developers wanted Operators to know that for testing purposes, you can use the free home version from the Viveport store.

“The Last Day Defense” Commercial Version on SpringboardVR

In the commercial SpringboardVR version, all levels are unlocked and primarily open to play, so users can easily jump from level to level with ease.

The Last Day Defense Promo Video

Where to Get Free Home Version

ARVI VR also wanted to share some reviews of their title and a link to the home version on Viveport.


Read all “The Last Day Defense” reviews here!

“…This is game is a great example of what fun VR can be. It’s like playing with a bunch of little models that actually move. The attention to super little details (clothes on the clothesline, fish in the water, birds flying by) just gives this game polish. Really… Yes, it’s a tower defense game, basically, but all the sights, sounds, details, visuals makes it so much more fun. Imagine miniature wargaming… but in real time.”

…The graphics and animations are stunning. The environments have great details and the watching the towers fire never gets old. The sound effects are perfect. The gameplay is great, with some things I’ve not really seen in a tower defense game…
I also had a very unexpected immersion moment where I was on a level with geysers and panned over top of the billow of steam and in my mind I literally smelled the steam. It was so convincing my stupid brain invented a smell that didn’t exist. Blew me away.”

“WOW!! OK… Picture having a highly detailed, well painted and animated, paper world! On top of that, the little army that marches thru it or flies over it, have some pretty awesome weapons, that you can track!! Rockets, bombs, mortars, tracer rounds… you lob them they lob them…before you know it little animated plumes of dirt, smoke and fire are going off everywhere!
I lost a game because I was more interested in seeing the little mobile rocket launcher lift it’s rocket pods and let loose a hail of rockets on my turret! It was so freaking cool! UP they went with fine whisps of white smoke, hit terminal altitude, arced and Im assuming fired secondary rockets because I watched as the trailing black smoke followed the tiny rockets to their target. This game is pure enjoyment!! On normal, the player progression and the enemy skill and armor are very well matched. GET THIS GAME!!!”

Let there always be regular customers who will enjoy the game!

– ARVI VR Team

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