SUPERHOT Team to Release Update to Arcade Version

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September 16, 2019 | 2 min read

You asked and they listened!

The SUPERHOT Team will be releasing a new update to the smash-hit SUPERHOT VR: Arcade on Wednesday, September 18th.

What You Need to Know

Due to the nature of this update, if you have modified settings in your SUPERHOT folder there will be some small but manual changes to be made.

This is a one-time change and you will NEVER need to do this in this future.

SpringboardVR customers click here to learn all of the details, we’ve worked hard with the SUPERHOT team to ensure a seamless launch!

Gameplay Updates

No more broken controllers!

  • A new in-game play area boundary feature has been added specifically for the SUPERHOT VR: Arcade Edition
  • Players will now be shown a clear warning when they are nearing the edge of the play area
  • If players leave the play area, the game will fade to black and instruction to return to the play area will be shown
  • Operators can choose to use the room-scale play area/boundary defined when setting up a headset or set their own custom-defined play area via the in-game Admin Panel

Endless Mode returns!

  • The ever-popular Endless Mode makes its debut in SUPERHOT VR Arcade Edition
  • Remixed from the original SUPERHOT VR, players can now battle Red Dudes forever throughout a series of randomly selected levels and cinematic situations
  • Operators can customize the Endless Mode experience with a time limit or a set number of lives
  • Full scoring and leaderboards are supported

The SUPERHOT Team continues to display an excellent and true commitment to LBE with SUPERHOT: Arcade. Now with more fun and less smashing things.

If you have any problems or need any support making these changes please email [email protected], and we'll be happy to help!

William Dickinson
Content Team Ninja

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