SpringboardVR Acquires ArcaidVR


May 21, 2018 | 2 min read

Press Release

SpringboardVR acquires ArcaidVR, a customizable content launcher and management platform for out-of-home VR locations.

May 21st, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA – SpringboardVR today announced the acquisition of ArcaidVR, a customizable content launcher and management platform for out-of-home VR locations. Jason Callister, founder and former CEO of ArcaidVR will join the SpringboardVR team, assisting the development team with special projects.

“We’ve been keeping a close eye on ArcaidVR since its launch,” said Brad Scoggin, co-founder and CEO of SpringboardVR. “We’ve been impressed with the execution from them for a long time. We’ve seen the way Jason, the owner, interacts with the community and had a strong feeling his values aligned with ours. After the first conversation, I knew this was a person we had to have on the team. He’s smart, genuine, and truly wants to help grow the LBVRE industry. I am confident that what we can do together will greatly outweigh what we might accomplish separately.”

“ArcaidVR is one of just a few available VR launchers right now. At its core, ArcaidVR was always designed to be a light-weight solution to solving the biggest of problems of running your VR business venture - launching games and monitoring time,” states Jason Callister. “With the virtual reality community growing, the demand for new features increases. Out of our competitors, one in particular has done a fantastic job of keeping up with these new demands, and that is SpringboardVR. We believe that together, we can achieve so much more. Together we can provide an unbeatable service that will grow alongside the out-of-home VR industry.”

About SpringboardVR

SpringboardVR is a dedicated platform for VR Operators that transforms the customer experience and lets owners run their entire location from a single device. With customers in over 32 countries and a suite of features including content preview, time tracking, scheduling, commercial licensing, content launcher and more, SpringboardVR is the backbone that powers VR locations and creates incredible user experiences.

About ArcaidVR

ArcaidVR is a lightweight VR management solution built from the ground up to solve the everyday headaches of running an out-of-home VR operation. With Jason Callister at the helm, ArcaidVR started with a single user case and rapidly expanded to meet the wider needs of arcade operators around the world.


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