Onboarding SpringboardVR for Your VR Arcade


February 22, 2024|5 min read

All-In-One Virtual Reality Arcade Management Platform

Running a profitable & sustainable Virtual Reality Arcade is a tall order — and one that is full of challenges & obstacles to overcome. At SpringboardVR we experienced this first-hand and realized that there was something missing from the Virtual Reality Arcade landscape.

That’s why we created a complete software solution fully dedicated to transforming the VR Arcade experience.

We are committed to this. We are committed to building relationships with VR Arcade owners, game developers and VR influencers alike. Our main focus at SpringboardVR is to continually create and release new solutions to make running your VR Arcade (and life) easier.

Arcade Management Software, Made by Arcade Owners

“In figuring out how to run an arcade the right way, we quickly realized you can’t do it without a solution like SpringboardVR.”

Jordan Williams, Owner & COO of SpringboardVR

With SpringboardVR’s arcade management software, setup is a breeze. You can be up-and-running within a matter of minutes. We’ve crafted this comprehensive walkthrough to demonstrate just how quick & easy the onboarding process is with SpringboardVR.

The Onboarding Process

“We needed to figure out a way to make this onboarding process as quick and simple as possible. Anyone can do it. We also built a tutorial to really show people how to get SpringboardVR set up by themselves.

From speaking with us at the initial set-up, to having SpringboardVR fully functional in your arcade and loading all of your games into your SpringboardVR library, onboarding is really just a matter of minutes.”

Jordan Williams, Owner & COO of SpringboardVR

Adding Locations

Have more than one location? No problem. Simply add all of your locations in one dashboard.


Adding Stations

Create and assign station names.


Adding Games

Adding games is as easy as a mouse click.


Specifying Categories

We set you up with some categories for difficulties but you can use them for categorizing however you’d like!


Assigning Tags

Choose from our presets or create your own tags.


Managing Stations and Timers

Manage stations and their timers from a single device.

Starting Timer


Extending Timer



What if your staff could spend more time engaging customers and less time babysitting them?

With SpringboardVR your entire Virtual Reality Arcade can be run from a single device…everything from adding new games to your library to managing time at each station and even simple things like tracking controller battery life.

SpringboardVR will take you one step closer to running the VR Arcade you envisioned when you decided to take the plunge.

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