Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality and SpringboardVR Partnership


May 15, 2018 | 2 min read

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Partners with SpringboardVR

Press Release

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality and largest VR content management and distribution platform SpringboardVR announce partnership.

May 15th, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA – SpringboardVR is pleased to announce a partnership with Microsoft to support its Windows Mixed Reality platform at SpringboardVR locations worldwide. With nearly 3 million minutes tracked monthly on the SpringboardVR platform and locations in over 32 countries, SpringboardVR powers experience management and content distribution for virtual reality worldwide.

Co-founder Will Stackable, “As a company we believe that Virtual Reality is the next major media platform with incredible potential to educate, connect, and entertain the world. Our goal is to connect the best content to the people who want it, whenever and wherever they are. The Windows Mixed Reality headsets are amazing devices that are perfect for out-of-home use, and we’re excited for our customers to be able to use them.”

About SpringboardVR

SpringboardVR is a dedicated platform for VR Operators that transforms the customer experience and lets owners run their entire location from a single device. With customers in over 32 countries and a suite of features including game preview, time tracking, scheduling, commercial licensing, game launcher and more, SpringboardVR is the backbone that powers VR centers and creates incredible customer experiences.

About Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is the most complete mixed reality platform across virtually any device type – from VR to AR and everything in between – creating the foundation for the next generation of innovative mixed reality devices powered by Windows 10. This platform was designed to deliver an experience customers will love and enable the broadest device ecosystem.


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