Marketplace 1.1 – Trending Titles & Advanced Filter Types


May 23, 2019 | 2 min read

No VR Center is the same. Each VR Arcade and VR Lab was designed by different people, with different models, for different purposes. The latest Marketplace build allows you to quickly view and add content that best fits your operation.

For this Feature Spotlight we are going to highlight the new “Trending Titles” section and filter types.

Updates to the Internal Marketplace Page

1. Sort Titles by Trending

View top titles, new hits, and up-and-comers with the new “trending” view!

2. “One-Click Titles” Checkbox Filter

Browse titles that have uploaded their content to the new platform and install to all your stations with just one click!

3. Filter Content Type by Education, Narrative, and Entertainment

Browse titles by content type to quickly see the variety of titles you can offer at your VR Arcade or VR Lab.

Why we are doing this:

With more content types becoming available we wanted to help you sort and find content faster. We also wanted to provide a checkbox to show you which content titles have uploaded to the our updated content distribution platform, and which ones have not.

As an Operator, what am I getting out of this?
Ability to quickly sort through different content types and to see which content titles are currently performing very well across all arcades.

Will anything be taken away that I currently have?
No, nothing will be taken away that you currently have.

How can I begin using these features?
Simply go to the Marketplace page while signed in to your SpringboardVR account.

More info on SpringboardVR’s updated content licensing & distribution platform:

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