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October 24, 2018 | 2 min read

Content Creator Stats

SpringboardVR Feature Spotlight

A key factor in creating the best VR experiences is the ability to understand how users are interacting with your content. At SpringboardVR, we are constantly working to capture & provide those statistics to the content creators on our platform. We recently deployed an update to the Content Creator Panel for this exact reason. We will continue to roll out additional updates to the Panel with more in-depth stats and metrics so that you, the content creators, can continue to create incredible VR experiences.

To view the Stats for your content, log into your SpringboardVR account and navigate to the Stats page. From here you will be able to see the Stats for you content.

The Stats you can view as a content creator on the SpringboardVR platform:

  • Current Month Revenue*
  • Estimated Month Revenue*
  • Total Minutes Played
  • Average Session Time (in minutes)
  • Number of Organizations (using your content)
  • Number of Stations (using your content)

*These values are an estimation and do not include any platform fees.

You can sort by the specific month you would like to see as well as the year. If you have multiple titles they will appear in the order they were added to SpringboardVR.

Viewing past months data will remove the Estimated Month Revenue and will show the revenue made for the month, not including platform fees.

To stay up-to-date with improvements to the Content Creator Panel, subscribe below. Additionally, refer to our Knowledgebase for more information.

We will continue to add more key metrics and stats to the Content Creator Panel in the near future so that our content creators can continue to create immersive and mind-blowing VR experiences!

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