Arizona Sunshine Arcade Releases Major Updates

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March 15, 2019 | 2 min read

Last week, Vertigo Games released a new update to the Arizona Sunshine Arcade Edition to further improve your location's operation of the game and the overall gaming experience for players. You can find the updated instructions for using the Arcade Edition here. A quick summary of the changes are below.

Change List:

  • Players now see a 'Ready’ button at the end of horde mode sessions. ‘Back to Menu’ only appears to players after a short delay.
  • Added configuration option: ForceEnableRotation. This is defaulted to ‘no,’ eliminating the flip turn on Vive and WindowsMR.
  • Changed the Invincibility configuration option so players now receive damage and die, but revive after 10 seconds when it is enabled.
  • The ‘HordeModePlayTime’ configuration option can now be adjusted with the + and  - keyboard keys, adding a minute to, or removing a minute from the remaining time respectively.
  • Players can now configure the difficulty in the menu. In Easy difficulty (the default), the game will automatically load a new clip after a few seconds, so players don't have to learn the normal reload mechanic. When using AutoStart, the difficulty level can be configured in the configuration file.
  • Added a 'Left Handed' setting to the menu, which optimizes controls for left-handed players and shows the correct hand on two-handed gun grips when using a two-handed peripheral.
  • The last achieved horde mode score will now be saved to several text files.
  • Added configuration option: GraphicsQualityLevel.
  • Added configuration option: ShutDownAfterEndScreen.
  • Added configuration option: PlayerNamePreset.
  • All configuration options made in the configuration file can now be overridden by adding command line arguments.
  • The name of the configuration file that is loaded can be changed via command line arguments.
  • The space key now always skips the 'Connecting to server' screen when using AutoStart.

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Arizona Sunshine Arcade

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