A Letter from the Founder


April 25, 2017 | 2 min read

Ever since I can remember I have dreamed about being on the front end of a movement that could change the world. What did it feel like during the early days of the tech revolution or the internet? Did they realize what they were a part of? Or was it only after the fact?

If you are interested enough to still be reading this, I will assume that like us, you see Virtual Reality as the next big thing… something that truly has the potential to change the world.

This was something that I immediately wanted to be a part of.

I partnered with two other guys and decided to start a VR arcade, and four weeks later we launched. We just planned to figure it out along the way. Isn’t that always the best strategy?

Challenges kept presenting themselves, and (non-virtual) reality hit hard. Manually loading games, tracking time on our iPhones, and babysitting customers was not what we had in mind for our entertainment empire of the future — not to mention it was a pretty janky customer experience.

We knew we had to make a change, and needed more insight, so we got on the phone and started talking to arcades from all over the world. Guess what? Almost everyone was facing similar challenges!

We needed a solution — so we built one. With established channels of feedback with dozens of arcades worldwide, we decided to shift our focus. We launched a software company and built SpringboardVR as a platform dedicated to solving these problems.

Fast forward to today, SpringboardVR’s arcade management solution is servicing over 50 arcades worldwide and the arcade we started now serves as a lab to test & implement new ideas.

Imagine this, a customer walks into your arcade for the first time, puts on a headset and headphones, and doesn’t take them off until their session is over. Science calls it presence; when the virtual world is so immersive you lose yourself in it. Let’s be honest, talking to customers throughout their experience dramatically inhibits their ability to achieve presence — which is where the real magic is!

Your customer puts on the headset and steps into a stunning custom launch environment — for many this is their first experience in VR and we want it to be completely immersive & absolutely breathtaking. A simple and engaging VR tutorial equips them with everything they need to navigate their virtual world as they move effortlessly in and out of games.

SpringboardVR isn’t just a custom launcher, though. What if your staff could spend more time engaging customers and less time babysitting them? With SpringboardVR your entire arcade can be run from a single device…everything from adding new games to your library, managing time at each station, and even simple things like tracking controller battery life.

The SpringboardVR arcade management system will take you one step closer to running the arcade you envisioned when you decided to take the plunge into this innovative, ever-growing new industry.

We are committed to this cause. We are committed to building relationships with you and continually releasing new solutions to make your lives easier!

Together, we truly can change the world.

Best Regards,

Brad Scoggin

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