5 Ways SpringboardVR Helps VR Creators Increase Revenue

VR Content Creators

April 24, 2019 | 3 min read

In April of 2019, we launched our updated content distribution platform to VR Operators around the world!

Our goal was to build a distribution system that is simple to use, secure, allows for a variety of licensing options, and addresses piracy. All on our industry leading, largest out-of-home VR network. By spending countless hours meeting with Content Creators we set out to solve real problems facing the industry, and real problems that were standing in the way of amazing content getting out to the world!

We believe wholeheartedly that these new changes will have a positive impact on VR Operators and Content Creators alike, and cannot wait to see the outcome.

5 Updates to the SpringboardVR Platform that Help Increase VR Creators' Monthly Revenue

1. "One-Click-Install" Content Distribution

The new system makes it extremely simple for Operators to push content to their stations with a click of a button. Because of this, we expect to see Operators trying new content and expanding their library.

Note: Operators can only add titles with one click if your content has been uploaded to the updated platform.

2. EDU Content & Distribution Channels

Our largest out-of-home VR network consists of over 500 VR Arcades, Family Entertainment Centers, Schools, Libraries, and Universities all across world, who are all seeking entertaining and effective EDU content.

Right now, every VR Arcade Operator using SpringboardVR has access to a variety of EDU titles, and are actively experimenting with events, after school programs, and even week-long camps to find the best possible way to utilize it in their VR Arcade. 

EDU institutions are utilizing EDU content with VR, but they are also using entertainment content to introduce VR to their students in a fun, casual way. In a recent SpringboardVR pilot with 30 participating Universities, Beat Saber was a top 10 title, based on total minutes recorded.

VR Arcades want educational content and EDU institutions want entertaining content--making all content on SpringboardVR relevant to all users.

3. No more Steam Keys

Steam keys were never designed for LBE distribution and as such are not set up in a way that provides Content Creators piracy protection or accurate and meaningful data on how their title is performing overall. This is a major step in ensuring that Content Creators hard work is managed properly and allows them to spend more time creating content, and less time managing keys, piracy, and tracking data down rabbit holes.

Read the full "No More Steam Keys" blog.

4. Monthly & Annual Pricing Options

Coming Soon!

Setting a monthly and/or annual price opens your title up to a whole section of Operators that ONLY consider titles priced this way. In addition, setting a monthly and annual price is required if you want to distribute to our growing Educational sector. Read more about these new pricing options here.

5. Regional Pricing

Coming Soon!

Setting regional pricing allows Operators around the world to get your content and opens the door for you to increase your install base across the 40+ countries that SpringboardVR distributes to.

If you have any questions around these new updates, or would like to learn how to submit your title to enter our Content Evaluation Process, please email our content team at [email protected]. They would be happy to help!

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