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About SpringboardVR

SpringboardVR is the world's most trusted and used VR Arcade management platform outside of China. Currently over 1.5 million minutes a month are played through SpringboardVR and that number is increasing weekly. We have created a market-driven pay-per-minute commercial licensing solution to connect you, the game developers, to individual arcades that want your content. Our development team is comprised of amazing Web, Unity, and OpenVR talent including major contributors to the likes of VRTK for Unity and other great open source initiatives. We've worked with an international tech law firm to design the legal framework so that you don't have to. All you have to do is create your content and let us showcase your talent to the arcades.

How it Works

Our take on the pay-per-minute licensing model is unique. We want to give you full control of your price offerings. You will be given access to a web portal where you can set your own prices, offer your steam keys through an easy to manage distribution system only available to arcades (optional), choose to offer trial minutes to arcades, set your preferred way to receive payments, submit required income tax forms, and more. Initial setup can be done in a matter of minutes!

SpringboardVR wants to offer VR creators a new place and a new way to offer content to arcades—we do not expect your exclusivity. The web portal will provide you with detailed analytics of game play from arcades and individual customers. Billing to arcades will be 100% automated. We will accurately track minutes played by each arcade for each of your games, bill them at your rate, deduct a low service fee, and send you the money every month.


We will be operating at a cost lower than the industry average. You will get to keep 75% of your earned revenue.

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