LBE + Education for the Oculus Quest

Device management, content launching, and Location-Based Entertainment, Training & Educational content for the Oculus Quest. Everything you’ve come to expect from the SpringboardVR management suite... coming soon for the Oculus Quest!

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Commercial Game Licensing

A virtual marketplace connecting game developers and operators, removing the hassle of negotiating multiple one-off agreements. Automated payment processing to both operators & developers.

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Designed For An Incredible Customer Experience

With an immersive game launcher, custom VR controller tutorial, and an online scheduler that connects with your payment system, SpringboardVR takes LBVRE to the next level.

Manage Your Location-Based VR Center.

Centralize, manage, and optimize your LBVR operation with our time tracking, in-depth analytics, and custom game licensing. Get a bird's-eye view of your entire operation from a single device.

Automate Your Operation.

With our seamless 10 minute setup, in-depth game and customer analytics, and online station management, LBVR operators are able to grow and scale with no compromise to the customer experience.

Immersive Game Launcher

Put your customers center stage with our fully immersive, self-directed VR environment inside the headset. Effortlessly preview, launch, and switch games, "call for help," and extend time - all from within the headset. Now with 2 environments to choose from!

Complete Game Compatibility

Provide access to all of the games your customers have been asking for. While other services may offer limited game compatibility, the SpringboardVR platform allows for any game that is compatible with SteamVR - from any store.

Immersive VR Controls and Mechanics Tutorial

Empower your customers and give them the tools to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world. Our in-headset tutorials get them accustomed to the controllers and game-to-game navigation in the SpringboardVR environment.

Station Management

Operators are able to manage their entire operation from a single device, allowing more time to engage with customers. Growth is made simple with the ability to quickly add and manage multiple locations.


Track the lifecycle of consumer patterns and trends with our online and in-store booking feature. Captured information is created, analyzed, and presented in a customized, intuitive dashboard.

Booking Software Made for Location-Based Virtual Reality.

SpringboardVR removes the need for third party scheduling software. Operators are able to offer online booking for walk-ins and reservations, capture insightful customer data, and provide the ability for customers to extend play time from within the headset.