Thinking about trying SpringboardVR?

  • Can I set the software up on all my stations during my 30 day trial?

    Yes, you can install SpringboardVR on an unlimited number of stations during your 30 day trial.

  • Can I request features or customizations?

    Have a great feature/idea that you'd like to suggest?

    We would love to hear it! To submit a feature request, please email

    We take each request on a case-by-case basis, we always build new features based on the current most requested features.

  • What games can I add into the SpringboardVR Launcher?

    We support any VR game supported by SteamVR - though selecting games requires motion controllers such as the Vive controllers to operate.

  • Can I get on the phone and talk with someone about this product?
    Absolutely! Call us at +1 (855) 728-7155 and we are happy to answer any questions you have!
  • What do I need during my setup?

    Make sure you have access to one of your Vive stations and an active internet connection. Setups generally take 30 minutes to an hour. Also provide contact information in the calendar notes.

    For setups outside the U.S., a Skype ID is recommended.

  • How much will SpringboardVR cost me?

    SpringboardVR is $30 USD a month per station with volume discounting available with 10 or more stations.

  • What happens when the user's time is up?

    When a customer's time is up an overlay will appear informing them that their time has expired, thus pausing their current game. There is also an option in station settings to make the game close and return to the SpringboardVR environment when time is up.

  • Can I still launch games outside of SpringboardVR after I put SpringboardVR on my computer?

    Definitely! If you need to open games via Steam or some other method simply close Springboard via the system tray (with SteamVR open) and you should be able to open games how you'd like to.

  • How do I get SpringboardVR to work with the Oculus Rift?

    The SpringboardVR team is currently in the process of testing the Oculus Rift with SpringboardVR and working on getting it fully functioning with the Rift.

  • Will SpringboardVR work with Oculus Store games?

    Oculus Store games can be run through the use of a third party tool called “Revive”, though we do not officially recommend this method as it is against the Oculus End User License Agreement and may stop working at any time due to updates from Oculus.

  • Do you support language translation?

    We provide translations for our Booking system, Monitor application, and Launcher software in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese (Brazil), and Polish.

    If there is a language that you would like to request support for please contact our support.

    We also support manual translation of the category titles and game descriptions through editing the entries in your admin panel - though full translation support is on our roadmap.

    You can manually translate the game description in the dashboard by going to “Games” → Choose a game and click “Edit” → “Edit Game Details”.

  • How do I add games to my library?

    For games to appear in the SpringboardVR environment you must first make sure they are in your library in the Springboard admin panel.

    To do this, launch SpringboardVR to make sure games on your computer have been detected properly. Then go to the “Games” tab on your SpringboardVR admin panel and click the green “Quick Add Games” button at the top of the screen. Categorize the discovered games into the desired category and click “Add game.” (Some games may not be recognized and will need to be added manually.

  • How do I remove a game from a station?

    To remove a game from a station go to your Stations tab in the SpringboardVR admin panel and click “Edit” on the desired station. Games currently assigned to that station will appear under “(X) Games Assigned” and to remove them simply click the red “Unassign” button.

  • How do I manually add a game that doesn't appear in the “Quick Add Games” screen?

    For games not manually recognized by SpringboardVR, click on the orange “Manually Add Game” button next to the green “Quick Add Games” button.

    Next click the orange “I want to create a custom game entry.” From this screen you will need to enter a title, category, long description and image. (Short description, video and tags are optional.) You will also need to select the correct Launch Settings which may differ from game-to-game. We recommend use of the “Steam App ID” launch type for Steam games. This will launch the game via Steam and will usually be the most reliable while still permitting command line arguments.

    Some games will require the Legacy launch method to open through SpringboardVR. To add a game this way select the Legacy launch option and enter the game's full working directory and the .exe name. (To find this go to where the game is located on your computer, this is usually the (C:) drive but could be elsewhere if your default install location has been changed.) Find the game's .exe, right-click on it and go to “Properties.”

    The working directory is the full path next to “Location” and can be copied and pasted into the Launch Settings. The EXE name is simply the name of the file you right-clicked earlier to find the working directory.

  • Can I customize my game list per station?

    Yes. Go to the edit station page by clicking the Stations tab and then clicking edit next to the station name you want to customize.

  • Can I upload my own text descriptions, video previews, and other relevant game information?

    Yes, you can customize your game list however you want. We upload all relevant data for most games automatically––and you can change whatever you like.

  • How do I know when a customer has pressed the “Call for Help” button?

    When a customer presses “Call for Help”, either in the SpringboardVR environment or while in a game, that station will pulse in the Station Monitor tab and a red banner will appear at the top of the tab to indicate how many stations are currently calling for help.

  • Who can I contact with technical questions?

    Feel free to email us at anytime

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