SpringboardVR makes it easy to implement VR in your school from A to Z. Select schools can get a free headset and computer! To see if you qualify, complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you.

Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality has been proven to aid scholarship across a number of disciplines,
including architecture, medicine, anthropology, engineering, art + design, and more.

Experiences like

Our Solution

To use Virtual Reality to drive student engagement and unlock their creativity by providing learning experiences that transcend the textbook and the computer screen. As Einstein said, and Dale’s Cone of Learning prove out, “the only source of knowledge is experience.”

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What is SpringboardVR for EDU?

We’re working with universities, hardware partners and content developers across the world to offer a single platform that allows a student to reserve time, manage their own VR experience and access the high quality educational content you choose, and engage with that content as part of customizable course modules.


Helping you choose the right computing and headset equipment to support your organization.


Software recommendations, course integration assistance; custom VR modules, assignments, and more.


Running a VR lab is hard, SpringboardVR makes it simple & effortless.

Hardware Designed for EDU

Whether you want an on-demand mobile unit, a public-facing VR workstation, or a private unit, we can help you decide on a hardware/software combination that works best for your organization.

In-Headset Launch Environment

Curate student content by difficulty level, academic field, and user type, while providing instant end-user access to previews and tutorials for educational software offerings via a Netflix-style launcher.

Powerful Educational Content

Negotiating with each educational content creator is time-consuming and can be a major headache. Use our marketplace to select the best VR software available for your students, faculty, and staff.

The Turn-key VR Solution

Don’t spend all your time dealing with purchasing. By packaging educational content and administrative functionality into a flexible (monthly, yearly, etc.) billing schedule, SpringboardVR gives you the ability to rapidly deploy VR at your organization and focus on what matters: student and faculty engagement.

Our Vision

As a company we believe that Virtual Reality is the next major media platform with incredible potential to educate, connect and entertain the world.

Our Mission

Our goal is to connect the best content to the people who want it, whenever and wherever they are.

Join the Movement

Contact SpringboardVR and join a community who’s determined to shape a better reality through VR. Interested in using SpringboardVR at your school, library, or university? See if you qualify for a free VR trial – including hardware and content!