Cannes XR and SpringboardVR have decided to partner up to offer selected studios the exclusive opportunity to distribute, promote and monetize the best of their XR works to global audiences at this year’s Cannes Festival.


Welcome to Cannes XR (May 14-19)

See your immersive experience on display at the world’s most prestigious film festival, Festival de Cannes. World-renowned producers, industry leaders, and celebrities will have the chance to put on a headset and experience your work firsthand.

SpringboardVR’s Cannes XR Channel

In parallel, during a 3 week window surrounding the Festival, works that meet SpringboardVR’s curation and content guidelines will be invited to join Cannes XR Channel on SpringboardVR for monetization and distribution to a Location-Based Entertainment network of over 500 locations in 40+ countries. 100% of revenue generated on SpringboardVR for these selected works will go to the XR Studios during this window.

Registration is now closed!










Key Guidelines & Rules

  • Submissions are limited to selected producers and open to 360° video and real-time rendered works that explore new forms of virtual storytelling.
  • Submitted works must have been produced in 2018 or 2019.
  • Number of submissions per production company is unlimited.
  • 360° video, SteamVR, or Oculus runtime files accepted

Rules for SpringboardVR

  • Studios can remove their works from the platform at any time.
  • XR Studio works that meet SpringboardVR’s curation and content guidelines, and that are reviewed and selected by SpringboardVR, will receive 100% of the revenue generated on the platform during a 3 week window surrounding the Festival.
  • Read more about how SpringboardVR evaluates content here.

About SpringboardVR

SpringboardVR makes the best VR content available to everyone, everywhere, by offering a better way to license and distribute VR content in the out-of-home space (location-based entertainment). Over 4 million minutes played monthly in 500+ locations in over 40 countries.

About Cannes XR

Dedicated to the XR entertainment industry, Cannes XR aims to be a community-based marketplace oriented toward B2B networking, and to serve as a structuring point for the XR ecosystem on an international scale. Cannes XR is also a major showcase, gathering and shining the light on hundreds of XR experiences curated by the best XR International Studios.